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A Personal Diary or a Daily Notepad? Know What’s Best for You

Be it someone who recently got a job, moved into a new one, or is dealing with an overwhelming burden of academic work, they all share one thing in common: the need to manage their tasks so as to produce excellent performance. Truth be told, there is only one simple addition you need to your work desk to make this happen- a stationery item to help you organise your tasks. This could be a simple book, or a specialised action plan notepad created just to put you in action mode.

This raises the big question: should you invest in a personal diary, or should you get a daily notepad? Both of them differ quite considerably in their functionality and utility. However, rest assured, they are both just separate roads to reach the final destination of better work performance. Depending on what part you are starting your journey from, your road will differ. In this blog, we’ll help you identify the same so that you can make the right purchase decision!

  1. If you are a beginner in your organising journey:

  2. We’d definitely recommend getting a personal diary if you are new to your organising journey and need some time to get into a routine of jotting down tasks. This way, once you have a page open in front of you throughout the day, you won’t have an excuse to not write down all your important notes and tasks! Keep your diary at your work desk every day and carry a handy A6 diary while on the go, to turn note-writing into a habit!

  3. If you are a stationery enthusiast:

  4. We cannot recommend a daily notepad enough! Especially one that brings alive the concept of being constantly in action mode! This set packs 3 beautiful pastel colours altogether, and each paper is easily tearable for better use. A notepad as aesthetic and useful as this will be a premium addition to your stationery collection, particularly the repository of all things productive.

  5. If you already have a set system of storing and managing information:

  6. When you have already devised your own method of organising files, information, and tasks, we’d recommend investing in a daily notepad, and a planner diary to help you boost your productivity. Since your usual routine of noting down work details, planning your day, drafting your monthly calendar, etc. is smooth and useful, you can solely focus on improving your task management skills by creating challenging action plans that motivate you to work better.

  7. If you want to keep your tasks separate from notes:

  8. For those who like to keep their tasks separate from work information and notes, or those who want to put into practice this habit, we’d suggest investing in both a personal diary and a notepad. This way, you can keep your diary for important numbers, meetings, dates, work updates, and so on, while the notepad can solely record all your tasks and your progress on the same. Having a customised diary planner would be a big help as well.

Can you think of any more categories of people who could benefit from personal diaries or notepads? Gift them these work kickstarters through XI to let them know you care about their productivity and career!