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A Step-by-Step Guide To Declutter Your Desk

Decluttering is a sure-shot formula to rejuvenate your mind- be it decluttering your wardrobe, bed, bag, or even your bedside table. Put this power to practice in your workplace, and you can aspire to reach a whole new level of productivity with your refreshed and revitalised mind! That is why decluttering your work desk is an effective start for stimulating your creativity without any distractions or barriers. In fact, with the ongoing work-from-home norm, it is effortless to succumb to stress arising purely out of a messy work desk.

To minimise all the anxiety that goes into looking for that one diary with essential updates or that one pen when you need to note down a number, cleaning your desk is the way. And in this blog, we’ll practically handhold you into understanding just how to achieve this feat!

Step 1: Dispose of what’s not needed:

This could include miscellaneous trash, old receipts, lone papers, pens that don’t work, small bits and pieces here and there, and so on. Get a bin bag, put all the unnecessary clutter in it, and clean your desk properly. This will help give it a renewed base on which you can organise your belongings.

Step 2: Put all semi-important objects in a separate box:

Not sure whether some documents or files can be required later? Put them in a separate box that you can store below your desk or on a side. Label it as ‘semi-important’ or ‘could need later’ to know where to look for the stuff you might have dismissed previously.

Step 3: Organise your stationery:

Now, this is where things get interesting. Start by organising all your work notebooks, single ruled notebook, and diaries in one section, while the other can have your laptop essentials. Next, organise your stationery into different stationery holders and keep the pens separate from the pencils, erasers, rulers, and so on. Our stationery organisers are perfect to execute this task. To add a finishing touch, put on a desk mat to give your desk a neat, minimalistic, and premium vibe. You can shop for them here.

Step 4: Segregate your papers with cabinets or drawers:

All the essential files, documents, binders, folders, and more, should be grouped into separate categories on the basis of a common theme such as sales, finance, projects, internal, ideas, and so on. Each of the themes, or even two, can go into a separate drawer in your cabinet. Label the drawers for better clarity and recall.

Step 5: Put up a post-it board:

No more losing essential post-its all over the place! Put up a simple board, or a pinboard, to pin all your sticky notes, important flyers, and so on. This will be your final cherry on top to neatly conclude the entire decluttering activity. You can use a personalised diary and pen for listing down your activities as well.

Step 6: Remind yourself to maintain order:

Do we even need to explain this? Maintenance is crucial to let order reign free. And in this case, it’s an ongoing requirement. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste all your effort, right?

If you were looking for a sign from the universe to make some transformational change in your life with minimal effort, this is it. Shop for all your organising essentials from our website and put on your Marie Kondo hat right away!