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Are You Into Blogging? Try Out These 5 Writing Exercises

Content creation is the latest aspiration of many who dream of carving out an identity for themselves in this digital age. While blogging may have been an amiable pastime before, recent years have shown the whole world just how transformative and effective it can be as a full-time job. It’s a great way to channel your creativity and passion into an outcome that benefits many and an even better way to earn a decent living for yourself.

However, with an audience of 4 billion internet users at your behest, it can be daunting to navigate the space of blogging. If you find yourself inclined towards opening your laptop and articulating your thoughts into a blog, these writing exercises will surely help you get an informed and quality headstart into the thriving blogging industry:

  1. Write what you observe and observe what and who you normally dismiss:

Observing people and their actions is a great place to start from to polish your storytelling skills. The more you write about what you observe, the more keen your eye becomes, the more interesting your narratives get. Be it a coffee shop, a store, a library, or a garden; there is much inspiration everywhere. Pick up your chosen blogging book or, your personalised diary and pen and go out there to jot down all that your sight takes in.

  1. Document all your excursions and experiences in a diary:

This exercise is beneficial to help you bring out your own experiences in a more engaging and exciting manner. Right from lunch with family to day-outs with friends, your own life can always become a subject of your musings. Write down how you would tell someone about your day or experience in your diary. Doing more of this will make you a compelling storyteller.

  1. Tell a personal story to your diary every day:

This exercise ties in with the goal of the previous one and contributes to you developing an engaging narrative style. Before sleeping, put one personal story or event in your diary or, single ruled notebook, just like how you would share it with a new friend. However, try to be as articulate and concise as possible since the goal is to become a good writer, not a rambler!

  1. Rewrite your favourite story from a different character’s perspective:

we all have some select few stories we love and characters we adore. And yet, if you want to develop your writing skills for blogging, it’s imperative to set your preferential bias aside and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. How does Harry Potter play out from Snape’s perspective? What would Game of Thrones look like from Cersei Lannister’s point of view? You might not pick these hefty novel series for your exercise, but we hope the point is driven home!

  1. Spot analogies in an otherwise mundane life:

The beauty of writing ultimately resides in how tangible words dance with intangible concepts, thoughts, emotions, and ideas. It’d be wrong to deprive any writer, or reader for that matter, from the good humour of analogies and metaphors central to an enthralling piece of content. Spotting simple analogies from our everyday life is a great way to place yourself in this creative mindset. You’ll realise your observations and comparisons will only get sharper with each passing day!

Just like with any other goal, it’s the journey that matters in the realm of blogging, not just the final destination of digital accomplishment. With these exercises, we hope you enjoy that journey to the fullest!