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Suffering From Writer’s Block? Get an Idea Book

How often have you seen yourself staring in front of your laptop or computer screen, blankly staring at a word doc, with no idea or motivation on the next word, the following line, and the next step? Rings a familiar bell, doesn’t it? What you and millions of others go through regularly is known as writer’s block. Writer’s block is defined as the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. It can happen during any form of writing, be it academic, professional, creative, or even personal.

Every writer, at some point, goes through a phase where they just can’t find the right words or ideas to express themselves. Writer’s block is more universal and commonplace than you’d think, and there is some solace in knowing that you are not alone in this! The long periods without any productivity are in no way an indicator of your lack of skill or writing talent. It’s simply a matter of different factors affecting you that lead to writer’s block. Once we take a look at these factors, it’s much easier to understand how to overcome a writer’s block and how an idea book, as well as a ruled notebook can help in the process:

  1. Having too many or too few ideas:

One of the significant reasons you find it difficult to flow from one idea to the next and articulate the same is because you’re overwhelmed by their plurality or scarcity, which leads you to question their value. In an idea book, you can write down the ideas you feel are not good enough and objectively work through them without going in circles. Similarly, when you have too many ideas, you can pen down all of them and work on the overlaps to build a few solid ideas that flow well.

  1. Having difficulty in self-expression:

Another primary reason for writer’s block is our innate ability to fear self-expression due to the risks of judgement or criticism. Although people have ways of dealing with this, one method that always helps is writing down your emotions. In the idea book, you can scribble everything you thought you wanted to write next, and once you have poured your heart out, take a step back and see the lines. Working through them will not only give you a breakthrough but also lessen your internal struggle! You can also use your planner diary for planning your write ups.

You have every capability in the world to become the writer you aspire to be. All you need is an idea book by your side to overcome every challenge, every writer’s block, and write the life of your dreams.