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4 Ways to Use The Idea Books

Ideas are the living force of our otherwise mundane lives. Every big invention, every significant revolution, every magnificent piece of art, was the offspring of one idea. It’s unimaginable, the amount of power an idea holds- the amount of power each one of us holds! Think about the magnanimous impact each of us could have, on ourselves and the world, if we could follow through with our ideas and channel our creativity effectively! That is exactly where the concept of idea books comes into the picture.

Created with the sole motive to fan the creative winds harnessed by the best of your brains and beliefs, our idea book is meant for you to realise and unleash your brilliant potential. However, even the greatest voyages need a well-defined direction. Which is why we have listed down 4 concrete ways in which you can use our idea book to change the world:

  1. Write. Everything. Down:

Do not hesitate in scribbling down even the most inconsequential according to your humble opinion, or the mightiest, larger-than-life ones. You never know when one idea leads to another and the chain effect ends up helping you become more productive and creative at work, always carry an Idea book along with your ruled notebook. Additionally, cultivating a practice of writing everything down is always better for your brain to promote better memory retention and higher functioning. It’s a win-win either way!

  1. Work out the pros and cons:

When you are engrossed in serious brainstorming sessions, use the idea book to delve into the pros and cons of any of the ideas being discussed and critique them to the fullest. This will help in improving the idea and eliminating its flaws, leading to a healthier contribution to the discussion and a more fruitful ideation output overall.

  1. Plan your passion projects:

You can use the idea book to work on your passion projects, be it a podcast, an NGO, a youtube channel, a fan forum, or even a meme page. No biases here! Consider the idea book as your blank canvas and go all out with all the different things you’d wanna do to take your passion forward and turn it into a successful plan! Do not forget to use a planner 2022 to ensure you are keeping track of your plans.

  1. Make it your bedside partner:

You can write down some key thought-starters you want to work on for the next day, or jot down some last-minute end-of-the-day ideas (because we know we get the best ideas in the middle of the night) or even inculcate the habit of noting down your dreams. The idea book can be your perfect bedside companion for all the times you enjoy the blissful company of your intelligence!

Order your very own idea book today and get the prep started to welcome change, difference, productivity, and creativity into your life!