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Tired of Digital Life? Find Solace in Your Ruled Book

Digital has become the new mainstream with the onset of the pandemic, and, safe to say, our bodies are not keeping up well with this new shift. The increased exposure to social media and consistent work-from-home schedules have led to an exponential surge in our digital media consumption. Needless to say, the repercussions of this surge are clearly reflected in our mental and physical well-being.

With fatigue becoming more and more commonplace among every generation, the new era of digitalization needs some clear reins to hold itself back from running all over our wellness. We know the perfect solution for this: Going about your day the old school way, that is, writing things down in a single ruled notebook.

Here’s how that helps: Writing your tasks down wires your brain to take it seriously, improving your memory retention and efficiency. While this continues to be one of the most effective reasons why you should get back to the traditional note-taking regime, the major reason why we’re asking you to make the switch is because of digital saturation. The mental and physical fatigue caused by technology is real, and the extended hours on our phones and laptops have made it clearer than ever before that we cannot live our lives on them.

Experts have maintained that being glued to our mobiles or laptops can have far-reaching effects on our health in the long run. In such a predicament, having a personalized ruled notebook is the key to break the digital monotony. Below are a few ways in which you can replace your device with a notebook and still remain as efficient, while also overcoming digital fatigue:

  1. Instead of using a task planner application, jot down your daily tasks in a planner diary and track them via pen and paper.

  2. Make important work notes or pen down minutes in a notebook. This will also help in better knowledge retention.

  3. Make all your lists in a notebook. For everything. Be it groceries, deliverables, or stationery.

  4. Take a break from the phone screen to doodle for a while in the notebook. The simple act of breaking your screen time goes a long way in rejuvenating your mind and overcoming prolonged digital fatigue.

  5. Try brainstorming using a notebook. Make it a habit to build on your ideas and list down its pros, cons, evolutions, devolutions, and everything in between in a notebook. You’ll be surprised at the amount of creativity and clarity this simple practice will bring out.

Digital life is the new norm, we get it! But, it need not become a limitation to your personal health and well-being. With our ruled books, beat the digital fatigue and function at optimum productivity while you are at it.

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