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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the paper quality?

A. All our products are made using 80 GSM international quality paper. They are premium and long lasting. 

Q. What sizes of diaries are available?

A. Our diaries are available in A5 & A4. The Color Splash Series, which is ecofriendly, is available in A5. 

Q. Who can these diaries be used by?

A. Anyone and everyone. They are for entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and anybody else who needs good stationery in their lives. 

Q. What is the aim of the Idea Book?

A. The Idea Book has been manufactured keeping in mind that most of our ideas are either jotted down on our phones or notebooks that we're using in our everyday lives. By having a dedicated diary for the same need, you can ensure that all your ideas are perfectly stored in one place and when you view them together, its a different ballgame. 

One other major reason for making the Idea Book is to promote ideas that employees in an organisation may have. It may be that right now, your employees have ideas related to increasing efficiency and output within your organisation but they're scared to speak up. If an Idea Book is given to them, they can write their thoughts down about different aspects of working and efficiency, tear that sheet (they're all perforated) and get it across to the concerned person. If an idea gets accepted, employees gain more confidence to speak up and start working even harder. 

Instead of getting outsiders to come in and help you enhance your business, you should make the most out of the power that already exists within. 

Q. What is the aim of the Thought Journal?

A. Those who want to start their journey of Journalling, this is a great place. Every page has a small box for you to write a few things in everyday. It leads to a constant change in mood and outlook towards our own thoughts. 

For entrepreneurs and businesses, if a Thought Journal is given to second level employees and they're asked to write one small point everyday focussing on how work can be improved and what is working well then the final collated data after a month or maybe even a week can do wonders. 

Q. Why are there only 64 pages in The Color Splash Series?

A. Color Splash has the thin, unruled diaries. The complete collection is available in 4 different colors. It has been ideated keeping in mind that any business has various aspects that need to be kept constant checks on or there are different key people that need to be spoken to every single day concerning these different aspects. Instead of jotting everything in one single place, it is better to have dedicated assets for every requirement. This allows you to focus on just that aspect of your business when you're dealing with that vertical or that person. It ensures that you're 100% in the moment. 

Q. What makes these bookmarks different from others?

A. When you're reading a book, what should you focus on - the book or the bookmark? Our thoughts exactly!

XI bookmarks are extremely minimal. No quotes, no folds, no scratches, no creases. They're available in 3 great colors, can be used for years and you'll still never get bored of them. We won't blame you if you come back for more colors though. 

Q. Why should I invest in stationery when I can make the notes on my phone?

A. While we're all here rooting for technology to achieve greater heights, we must understand that notebooks and diaries do not come keyed in with distractions. When you work just on your phone, a new message, a phone call, an app update and the multitude of other things can get you distracted in one second and you will forget about the work at hand. 

On the other hand, when you have a pen and paper in your hand, you're focusing 100% in what you need to do. Nothing else!

Q. Why should we shop from XI?

A. XI is a brand that was born out of need. Not the need to start a business but the need to create stationery that is classy, premium and is not laden with quotes and images. When you carry any XI product for meetings or anytime you go out, the color, the paper quality and durability are things you can talk of proudly. You will also be known to give great advice on stationery if you're a part of the XI community.