About Us: XI

About XI

XI is here to make a much-needed dent in the stationery market.

Gone are the days when we had to either buy run of the mill planners and other types of corporate stationery or spend a lot to buy one decent looking diary that also looked classy. No more visible spirals, no more low quality pages.

We believe that when we are working, productivity has to be a 100% and XI is here to make that achievable. With different formats for different needs, we allow you to plan and execute efficiently. By keeping our design minimal, we give our users space to do exactly what they need. We ensure that our products are here to serve you and not the other way round.

 Our Design Process

Keep it minimal is our motto. If there is as little as possible on the paper in front of you, you get even more space to do all the good work you want to. We give you a clean canvas in a structured way that you can use according to your need.

With fixed formats that change every year based on customer feedback, our master planners are ever evolving. Single ruled diaries are just that, they’re single ruled. But let’s not forget, they look superb and the quality is to die for.

Our correspondence with a wide range of business owners has allowed us to embark on a journey where we create different products for different needs.

Reading a book? Grab our super classy bookmarks.

Planning out your year, month or day? Take a look at our master planner.

Want to write a little bit about your days? Say hello to our Thought Journal.

Need an everyday diary? Our single ruled diaries are here for your convenience.

Our Story

We have been in the advertising and digital industry since the past few years and have worked with various corporate houses. One predominant thing that we noticed was that there was a need for stationery that looked classy and worked effectively.

After a lot of R&D, we decided we were going to take that leap, and voila, we are here.

Here to give you state of the art products. Here to provide nothing but the best. Here to offer an effective solution for varying needs.

Here to stay.