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The Second Half Of 2021 Can Be More Productive. Here's How

2021 started off on a rocky foot and the hilly terrain just doesn’t seem to end. With no relief from the pandemic and the disastrously thinning work-life boundaries, it is safe to say that productivity did not come naturally to many of us. We are all stuck in an unending limbo of directionlessness, with work becoming as chaotic as it is monotonous.

Basically, what we are trying to say is, we are halfway into 2021 and still as overwhelmed as the first month. Be it WFH, be it the worsening pandemic, or be it the rigorous mental toll. We could very much look at temporary bouts of fleeting happiness by taking a break or rejuvenating as much as possible. However, no amount of face packs or scented candles will break the monotony. Only concrete behavioral changes can ensure that from here on, our efficiency graph is trending upwards with our diary for the office getting more organized.

Here’s the permanent solution we suggest to get back into the productivity grind: Planning!

When you plan your day and organize your life, it not only streamlines your work but also helps you leave out some time for the self-care breaks we need. Or any other breaks for that matter. One arrow, multiple targets.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks you have and cannot manage your time, go for a planner diary to be your aid and trusted confidante. At this halfway point, you should get a personal planner for chalking out the road ahead to pull yourself out of this mid-year crisis. Start by listing down all the events and tasks already scheduled, and then move on to short-term goals you’d like to accomplish. Set realistic timelines for the same by adding relevant dates and voila, you now have a concrete direction for yourself to journey ahead this year!

Ticking off every task at the end of a day will help you track your growth and productivity while helping you plan all your days and months in advance simultaneously. With the chaos of spontaneity out of the day, imagine how much of an anxiety-relief every day could potentially contain?

The perfect time is right now to order a planner. It is never too late to redefine productivity, rediscover efficiency, and reinvent your daily routine in a way that breaks the year’s duress. With every day, every week, and every month meticulously planned with the help of such a planner, you will get ample time to jot down all that you achieved and would like to achieve, and carve for yourself a pragmatic route to reach there. If this doesn’t scream, “Reverse mid-2021 slump”, we don’t know what will!

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