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The What, Why & How of Manifestations

Manifestation is the process of bringing something concrete into your life via the power of attraction and belief, which means that if you believe it, it will come to you. However, manifesting one's desires requires more than just willpower and positive thought.

Manifesting is the process of making everything you desire to feel and experience a reality... via the use of your ideas, actions, beliefs, and emotions.

What should you manifest?

Affirmations or manifestations are important because it’ll help you have control over the present moment. The negativity bias in our brain is always high, and finding a way to control it is what helps us stay alive and happy.

Whenever someone speaks to you badly for example, your past experiences will come into play and hijack your emotions. We, as humans, tend to overthink. We worry about what the future holds for us, and that can be detrimental to us living in the present. That’s why you need to channel your subconscious to help you stay in the present and experience each moment to its fullest.

Your subconscious mind is powerful. The minute you want something to become real, you can manifest it in the subconscious and make it happen! It helps you put things in perspective so you can have a file of the present in your subconscious mind.

But, first and foremost, even though manifesting is about making your dreams a reality, it includes taking proactive actions towards achieving your goals—you shouldn't expect that to happen instantaneously or overnight while you sleep, as many people believe. You have to keep a file of “what you want.” Only once you tell the universe what it is you’d like, can you actually work towards it.

It's a small amount to pay (at least in our humble opinion) for something that may have such a significant influence on your life as the following.

Why should you manifest and how to begin manifesting?

Start with gratitude and forgiveness - as they are two of the most powerful frequencies in the world. You need to write about the things you’re thankful for and seek forgiveness for the mistakes you’ve done. By writing it down, you can see it in words, allowing you to begin the process of healing and moving forward with your goals.

Write about yourself, your family, your work and your love. Ideally around ten sentences could work. The beginning can be about being thankful. After writing it in a ruled notebook, begin the process of taking action by actually thanking the people you’ve been writing about. The whole goal of writing affirmations is to get complete focus on what you need to do during the day and taking action on the same!

How do you write affirmations?

The PPP approach -

  • Present,
  • Positive, and
  • Personal.

They all have to begin with the letter, “I”. For example, I am grateful for…, I am thankful for… etc. Always try to write in the morning to get that boost of dopamine to get you through the day!

Start your sentences with -

  1. I believe
  2. I feel
  3. I am grateful
  4. and I accept

Use it in the present tense. Put an action point to the sentences so you can follow up the things you write.

How to begin?

Presenting The Manifestation Notebook:

It is important for each of us to practise manifestation in order to attract what we desire in our life. These might include things like excellent health, successful business, material possessions, and anything else you can think of. It enables us to harness the power of attraction and belief to bring something tangible into our lives, rather than just thoughts.

Yellow paper is used to construct our Manifestation notepad. It is scientifically proven that writing with a red pen on a yellow piece of paper puts you into action mode, as our brains release an action hormone, acetylcholine. It's likely that if you're seeking to get started manifesting, this notebook will be something you fall in love with.

So get ready to manifest and prepare yourself for the future you’ve always wanted! We’re rooting for you!