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Why you need a to-do list?

Many of us go about our daily work lives with extreme confidence that we just remember what we need to do. This may be true for some people but what if we just wrote all these things down in our everyday planner diary. How do you think it can help us?

First, let’s try and understand how ‘just trying to remember everything’ affects our brain.

When you have 10 things to do in a day and you try to retain all that information in the brain as opposed to putting it on a piece of paper, you have allotted your brain the responsibility to remember throughout the day those 10 things. The space that could be used for creative freedom is now occupied to retain information. This limits the brain from performing in the best manner possible because it is multitasking for you.

On the other hand, if you write these 10 things down on a sheet of paper, your brain is free from the job of retention of information. In this case, when you pick up the first thing on your to-do list, your brain is doing just that and in the most efficient manner. When you move to task no. 2, your brain isn’t thinking of task 3,4,5. It’s thinking of the task at hand and how the most can be made out of it.

Hence, having a to-do list allows us to be much more creative and effective than we currently are.

To create this list, you do not need a certain type of notebook and a specific kind of pen. You can pick up a loose sheet of paper and start jotting all your to-dos on it and as and when you’re done, you can keep striking them off. It helps you understand how much you have accomplished in the day and how much is still left to accomplish.

As and when you start incorporating this habit in your daily schedule, you’ll note that maintaining a ruled notebook is better for this purpose because if you have some tasks that get carry forward from today to the next day or week, you can turn the pages and make the notes then and there. It just makes life super easy and gives your brain the space it needs to make the most out of everything you do.

What are you waiting for?

Grab those notebooks and pens and start writing..