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Why Deskpads Can Make a Big Difference

Working on laptops is now the norm. Let’s accept that almost 90% of many individuals’ work is done primarily on the laptop or desktop, and it has grown so much over the last decade or so. Once the pandemic hit, it has become even more common for us to use our laptops and create workstations at home that are easy to manage.

With that being said, having the right workstation can make a world of a difference because it can have a direct effect on how you work. Cleaner, uncluttered tables with your diary for office in place, are a better sight for the mind to calm itself down, and get down to business.

There are plenty of options with regards to how you can clear your desks and make it look better, and we’ve got just the product for you - the XI Deskpad.

Why do you need a deskpad?

Here are just a few reasons to get a deskpad:

  1. If you have ever encountered damage to your desk as a result of a leaking pen, coffee spills, or ugly scratches from a bracelet or a cuff link, you will understand the importance of having a desk mat on hand. A high quality desk mat is intended to protect your pricey work desk from scratches and dents.

  1. A desk mat provides a cushioned surface that is absolutely smooth and level. A good writing surface guarantees that your pen functions properly, that your paper does not shred, that you do not leave an impression on your desk, that paper does not shift or move (if you choose a non-skid foam backing), and, most importantly, that stress and exhaustion from hours of writing are reduced.

As a result, in addition to the obvious health benefits, the desk mat also provides increased creativity and productivity through improved ergonomics at your workstation. Like your planner diary this is also a necessity.

  1. A desk mat helps to keep clutter to a bare minimum while also improving the appearance of your desk and office! You will leave a lasting impression on all of your clients, coworkers, and your boss if you have a lovely looking desk (and a nice desk mat, too!). The absence of clutter at your workspace will drive you to complete your tasks, boost your efficiency, and increase your productivity.

The XI Deskpads - Style with substance:

Our deskpads are composed of PU. They’re two sides and consequently, available in 2 colours:

  1. Navy Blue

  2. Cherry

The navy side is a little patterned and the cherry is simple. You can twist and turn it as per your need.

Our deskpads are extremely durable and of exceptional quality. They come with a strap which you can use to roll and transport from one place to another.

If you wind up spilling any kind of liquid on it, it can be wiped quite easily.

So go ahead, get yourself a deskpad today!