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Here’s How You Can Use the Thought Journal To Improve Your Sense of Achievement

Picture this. You got that job you always wanted. You finally moved into the next phase of your life. You think about wanting to celebrate this milestone, a culmination of all your hard work. And then, boom, your mind kicks in. You witness yourself thinking the faint traces of self-doubt, and with every ‘is it even a big deal, or ‘it was not that difficult maybe’, the self-started attacks on your worth and capability get stronger. Worse, you keep depriving yourself of celebrating any and every achievement by entertaining this vicious cycle.

If you have ever wondered if there is a way out or if you are even deserving enough to ask for a way out, then the answer is a big and bold YES! And we’re here to tell you exactly how you can reinforce this positivity and affirmation in your life over and over again until every last drop of self-doubt leaves your mind. The trick? START A THOUGHT JOURNAL.

Our thought journal is specifically created to have a pocket-sized repertoire of all your goals and dreams, no matter how small or short-term they are. It is meant to be your vision board, your bucket list for not just the adventures but also the little things that make you happy. Each of the squares can be used to write down your goals and dreams for maybe the next week, month, or year, you can use a planner diary too. The plan can be as simple as switching to plant-based milk or going to a cafe you always wanted to try out. But what matters is you write down the tiniest things you want to achieve for yourself that you think might make you happy.

Once you do this, keep flipping through the previous pages every once in a few weeks and just see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve achieved, how many chances you’ve given yourself to become happy, to deserve celebration. For example, let’s say you decide to write three things you want to do at present in your ruled notebook or, thought journal- Wanting to try a new cuisine, going to the beach to watch the sunset, and learning a new skill virtually. As the day progress, you go ahead and live your life, doing the things that make you happy, including those listed above. The catch is because we are so conditioned to worry about what’s next instead of enjoying the present, we often miss out on realising that sometimes we are living our dreams.

Now, when you’d look back to those pages in your journal, you’d see how you achieved what your past self once thought of only as a goal. And consistent reinforcement will train your brain to consider all the things you dismissed as ‘no big deals’ as celebratory achievements. We always wait for that one big moment to pop open a bottle, not knowing that so many moments have passed by that your younger self would have only dreamed of celebrating back then. You can choose to change your life from one of the innocuous overlooks to one of purposeful fulfilment. And, a thought journal can help you on your journey!