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Working From Home? Here Are 5 Tips To Combat Stress and Anxiety

We are officially in Pandemic Season 3, and the show is as monotonous as ever before with the same old work from the home plot. And yet, we can’t help but sit through it as our life depends on it (because in all probability, it does). After a whole day of zoom calls or deck preparations, the screen fatigue is enough to make even the most seasoned professionals lose their rhythm. Despite us getting used to the work from home model, it won’t be wrong to say that the blurring lines between work and home have taken a mental toll on us all.

In this blog, we want to help you deal with the stress and anxiety of working from home by providing five efficient and easy-to-use tips that are guaranteed to work:

  1. Exercise:

Countless studies have shown that exercising daily can significantly reduce stress and anxiety among adults. A basic routine of 30 minutes 3-4 times a week can also work wonders in reducing stress or anxiety levels. Additionally, going for short walks could also help give a break from the usual screen set up and enjoy the surroundings a bit.

  1. Journal:

Our thought journal perfectly complements various studies that have proven the usefulness of journaling in reducing stress and anxiety. You can simply use our journal to write down your daily affirmations, expressions of gratitude, conflict situations, and much more. The more you journal through your emotions and feelings, the more clarity and perception you get. This ultimately boosts mental well-being and health. Turning to your ruled notebook would also help in clearing away confusions.

  1. Meditate:

This is a definite no-brainer. Meditation helps align your mind, body, and soul, healing your core from within. The resulting peace and calmness are effective in reducing stress and anxiety. A 15-minute meditation at the start of your day will have powerful results in keeping you centred throughout the day and reducing your mental duress.

  1. Form a dance routine:

This one sure sounds fun, right? What we’re suggesting is that after work, you could choreograph your own dance routine to your favourite songs and dance your heart out. This will not only leave you feeling happier and refreshed but will also boost emotions of self-love and security. A win-win, wouldn’t you say?

  1. Plan your next day:

Because our master planners are all built in a way that makes long-term and short-term planning extremely convenient, we wanted to mention this point only because it is possible! Planning is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety overall, and when you plan using your planner diary, it only amplifies this positive effect.

Let’s build this pandemic season with less stress, less anxiety, and more fun, more ease to unravel a grand finale of work-life balance!