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10 Cool And Unusual Ways of Using Your Ruled Notebook

A ruled notebook might look like a seemingly innocuous object with no real purpose except for taking notes at the surface level. However, it is no new fact that we humans are limited by nothing but our own imagination. In that case, what could happen if you let the reins of your creativity go wild and free? Could a diary notebook become the gateway to a whole new world of opportunities and growth? The simple answer is yes.

Your next question would logically be, how can a ruled book do so much? And that is exactly where this article will come in handy. Read on to know ten cool and unusual ways in which you can use your very own A4 or A3 ruled notebook and embark on a journey of self-growth.

  1. Improve your handwriting:

The transition from scribbles to legible letters is tricky, but nothing can be achieved with a ruled book by your side. Studies have shown that handwriting is closely linked with our mental health and personality; hence, improving your handwriting can trickle the other two.

  1. Maintain a skill list:

You can use your notebook to exclusively maintain a list of skills you want to achieve on a monthly or quarterly basis. With the professional world advancing fast, this will be a great way to make upskilling a part of your life.

  1. Keep track of your dreams:

For those interested in exploring their subconscious and drawing creativity from there, maintaining a dream diary can help record your dreams the moment you wake up and recount all the details well in time.

  1. Create a vision journal:

As the name suggests, a vision journal is a vision board but in a single ruled notebook. You can note down your goals about your dream life and complement them with some drawings, newspaper cutouts, Pinterest prints, and much more. You can keep updating this journal as years pass by!

  1. Start meal-prep:

Your ruled book can hold all the information about calorie count, groceries, recipes, portion sizing, and a lot more! Meal preps get a lot easier when a diary is explicitly maintained for them.

  1. Make notes for yourself:

Use your book to make encouraging notes for yourself throughout the day whenever you get a task done or make some progress on a mission. There is nothing like too much positivity!

  1. Write daily affirmations:

You might debate the effectiveness of affirmations, but the evidence is indisputable to show that they positively impact human mindset and well-being. Maintaining an exclusive diary for assertions improves the regularity and consistency of writing them down, boosting their effectiveness.

  1. Create monthly try-it lists:

Are you someone who loves living the pulse of life through different experiences? Regardless of whether you are that person or aspire to be that person, having a ruled book by your side to record your try-it lists monthly will expand your horizon, infuse vibrancy and variety in your life, and help you achieve the pinnacle of fun every month!

  1. Write unsent letters:

Next time you feel intense negative emotions towards someone or something, try grabbing your ruled book and writing a letter to that person instead of losing your cool or overthinking your way through the emotions. You will not only overcome your feeling better but also preserve your relationships!

  1. Express your gratitude:

Last but not least, a gratitude journal is a great way to start and end the day on a positive note, reeling in all those positive energies for a joyous tuning with the world around us. A ruled notebook complements this process extremely well!

Buy your ruled books now and discover unique ways in which you can use them to make your life better!