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6 Benefits of Journaling You Didn’t Know About

The newly discovered, social media-driven focus on aesthetics, stationary, and self-help has led to a pleasant rise of journaling among desirable mainstream habits to form. It is not for nothing that journaling has become so popular. It benefits mental health, stress reduction, and emotional security, especially without external support, making it a personal favourite!

The allure of journaling goes way beyond its aesthetic positionality in our daily routine or its digital capital among the upper echelons of the desired lifestyle. Studies show concrete evidence that journaling can benefit our mental and emotional well-being in more ways than one. Below, we’ve listed six lesser-known benefits that shall convince you to start journaling in your single ruled notebook right away:

  1. Helps in practical problem-solving :

Journaling helps synchronise the left and right sides of the brain, responsible for analytical thinking and creativity. As a result, you gradually become a better problem-solver as your capability to use both sides of the brain to analyse a problem and come up with solutions increases.

  1. Makes you more empathetic:

Becoming sensitive and aware of your thoughts and feelings flings open the gates of cultivating the capability to apply the same principles for empathising with others. You can work on this by jotting down your feelings about a conflict or disagreement and then noting down what you think the other person might have felt. Such a form of journaling also helps put things into perspective and make better decisions.

  1. Provides clarity of thought and feelings:

Do we even need to explain this? Whenever you are feeling jumbled inside, writing down in your diary notebook what you think brings to the forefront emotions and thoughts you don't even know you were going through. A big part of processing emotions is getting clarity of thought and feelings. Journaling helps in both these things.

  1. Boosts creativity:

This benefit is mainly realised if you maintain a dream or night journal by your bedside since dreams are a powerful way of the subconscious sending you messages. Consistent journaling will help you discover unique things about your psyche, cumulatively flowering your creativity.

  1. Helps you overcome anxiety:

Your journal is your empty slate, trusted ear, and reliable shoulder to lean on. It allows you the space to vent out your anxious thoughts, feelings, and struggles. It lets you pour your heart out and unload every burden you might be carrying. You are left feeling lighter and better by the end of it.

  1. Improves self-awareness:

When you write down all your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, in your ruled notebook whenever you are in a particular state of mind, it helps you process what you are feeling and provides a detailed picture of who you are. Taking a step back can help you notice specific triggers that can be avoided or dealt with appropriately moving forward.

The lesser-known nature of these benefits in no way means that they are not powerful or invalid. The path to a better and more fulfilled life starts with journaling, and these benefits only add to its importance. Get your thought journal today and take a step towards better health and wellness for yourself.