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4 Steps To Create the Perfect Gift Hamper for Your WFH Bestie

Work-from-home might have brought physical distance between our work colleagues and us, but the emotional distance has only got narrower and fainter. Be it a sneak-peek at their pets during zoom calls, the unintentional insights into their domestic life, or the constant stress of living through a global pandemic that has consumed millions of lives, WFH has indeed brought every colleague closer to one another. From office besties to WFH besties, the only thing that has changed is the first word; the second has strengthened and thrived.

Do you know what that means? YOU. GOTTA. GIFT. THEM. BESTIES.

Be it as a token of gratitude for all the times they covered up for you during work, a welcome gift for the new quarter, or a sweet easter present, take this opportunity to let your WFH bestie know how grateful and happy you are to have them in your life.

Read on to know how you can create this perfect gift hamper in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a relevant theme

Self-care, stationery, desk essentials, beauty, night-time routine, or even accessories, pick a theme that you know shall resonate with your WFH bestie. Make sure the theme is relevant to their lives and will spark their interest in the hamper. Avoid themes that they aren’t very passionate about. For example, if your WFH is into stationery and all things writing, it won’t make sense to send a gift hamper of incense sticks and candles! Try a personalised diary and pen instead!

Step 2: Think of what they like/find useful.

Borrowing from the previous point, think of their interests first and consider what catches their eye. To take the same example of someone being into stationery, think of what they’d find helpful. Colourful pens? Post-its? Multi-coloured diaries? Bookmarks? Planners? Yes, exactly. Once you choose your theme, think of every product that could make them happy, and then make your choice.

Step 3: Think of what you’d like for them to do

Once you have listed down the products, they could like within your theme, filter those out even more. Now consider what hobbies or activities you would want them to do from a well-wishing perspective. If you want them to be more organised, include a planner diary in your hamper. If you want them not to fold pages while reading, a bookmark is a good inclusion. Align yourself with their interests and pick out the best choices that’d add value to their lives.

Step 4: Pack it all together

This step is self-explanatory. Once you have decided on all your products, preferably more than 3, pack them together in a beautiful basket or box and send them out for delivery. Remember, the presentation is as important as the gift!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, don’t you think? And if you still have your doubts, head to our website and choose among the gift hampers we have already curated for you!