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6 Colourful Journaling Ideas To Customise Your Journaling Journey

Let’s take a moment to first appreciate the spot-on alliteration in the title because it’s all about the little joys in life, isn’t it? And if you don’t yet internalise this thought, then journaling indeed is the perfect starting point for you to discover a more joyous life. The reason? Journaling brings out your happiest self by prodding you to recognise all the things you can be grateful for and all the things you can work towards to become a better person. Amidst these testing times of the pandemic, no wonder journaling has gained immense popularity! It helps you centre yourself, put things into perspective, and develop a positive outlook toward life.

And that’s precisely the reason why we want you to make your journaling journey as colourful as possible. At no point should you forget that by engaging with more colours in your journal, you are paving the way to see more vibrancy in your life! The following six ideas will imbue your day, via your journal, single ruled notebook with a lot of splashes of joy and colour:

  1. Highlight all your headings:

Choose the themes you want to journal about. This could be daily gratitude, self-reflection, finances, things that made you happy, etc. Once you decide on this layout, pick up a sketch pen and highlight every title with a different colour of your choice. This will instantly liven up your journal pages and help you get engaged in the process.

  1. Doodle around the corners of the journal pages:

This is where the fun part begins. With a black pencil, outline the different doodles your heart pleases and use crayons or pencil colours to fill in these shapes. You can doodle leaves, flowers, mandalas, abstract shapes, vines, fruits, and many more items that fan your whims and fancies. The entire process of doodling can be very meditative as well!

  1. Chart out colourful calendars:

Draw out the month’s calendar for different purposes and shade every date on which you do that particular activity. You could use this technique to map out your exercise regime, skincare routine, night-outs and day-outs, binge-watching bouts, etc. It’s an exciting and fun way to produce an activity-led picture for the month in your personal diary.

  1. Position your weekly to-dos within beautiful landscapes:

Want a fun way to write your weekly to-dos? Take two pages and draw out the landscape of your choice, with each element in that drawing producing a box each for every day of the week to write your lists in. For instance, you can create a forest with each tree containing one week’s to-do list. Other ideas can be a sky full of clouds, fishes under the water, or a city full of buildings. This technique will also hon your creativity.

  1. Play with lettering on every page:

Try out different styles of writing the month, dates, different headers, and titles for your theme. Mix and match with felt pens, sketch pens, highlighters, and glitter pens to create the output of your choice!

  1. Track your mood in a colourful way:

On a weekly or monthly basis, you can create a mood tracker, which is essentially a matrix containing the dates of the week or month. The final product should look a lot like a regular calendar, only that this time you are colour-coding your mood and filling in the matrix accordingly.

There are plenty of ideas to make your journal a lot more colourful and lively, with each one at par with the rest. However, no matter which idea you choose, the only thing that matters is that you must have fun with it! The journaling process is a lot more important than the aesthetics; remember that!