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5 Tips To Choose the Best Gel Pens in India

All stationery lovers know how important gel pens are in their pursuit to be aesthetically pleasing. But, the lesser-known fact about gel pens is that they are also quite functional for students and professionals alike. They improve handwriting and help write clear, bold, and complete letters. There is a reason why every student wants to have a few gel pens in their stationery boxes; they write beautifully and last forever.

With the amount of competition in the stationery market, it is obviously challenging to choose the write gel pen when so many great options are available. Hence, we want to help you with these 5 tips that will let you make the best choice regarding the best gel pens in India:

  1. Thickness of the line:

When you use any pen, the lettering line is one key feature that makes it stand out. With gel pens, the thickness and smoothness of this line are a lot more accentuated. Depending on the use, check if you require a gel pen that gives a thicker or thinner line. For daily use involving a lot of writing, a thin line is preferable. But for professional use where fewer words are written but carry a lot of weightage, a thicker line is better.

  1. Ease on the grip:

This one is quite obvious, isn’t it? Your grip shouldn’t loosen, nor should the pen feel heavy on your fingers while writing for a long time. A tight grip is advisable for students. Although, for professionals, a thicker pen with a relaxed grip would work just fine!

  1. Water resistance:

This feature must be tested by both students and professionals. Not many gel pens are water-resistant, so you can use this parameter to eliminate many choices straight away. You don’t want any important documents or papers getting lost or damaged due to something as harmless as water now, do you?

  1. Nature of the tip:

Pens with a thin fine tip aid in writing quickly, whereas pens with a thicker tip help with bold and thicker writing. Hence, if your work involves a lot of writing in the personal diary, choose the former. For jobs with more relaxed writing directives, the latter would be better.

  1. Price:

Do we even need to elaborate on this one? Professionals can afford luxury gel pens since it adds to the overall charisma and sophistication required in a corporate setting. But for students, spending a fortune on a gel pen would really not be worth it, right? Therefore, it’ll be better to go for cost-efficient gel pens that can be used and discarded without burning a hole in the pocket.

We hope these tips help you make an informed choice. Happy writing!