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Shopping for Office Stationery? Here’s How To Get Great Deals on Bulk Stationery

Any good employer or manager would constantly be looking for ways to keep their teams happy, satisfied, and motivated.  As we approach the mid-year milestone, it’s not feasible to disburse bonuses or plan an off-site in the middle of the pandemic. And yet, there is a solid solution to let your teams know that you appreciate their efforts and care for them: surprise them with the gift of office stationery! Stationery is a successfully tried and tested formula to work effectively as a present; it’s functional, classy, and adds value to the life of the gift recipient.

Indeed, good office stationery can often be quite high-priced, especially if you want to focus on quality and design. In such instances, bulk deals from the bulk stationery suppliers seem like a far-fetched dream. This is a myth we seek to burst through this blog! It is possible to get great deals on bulk office stationery if only one knows where and how to look. Read on to learn quick hacks that can help you find cost-efficient deals on good quality bulk office stationery:

  1. Shop online:

This is a no-brainer, is it not? It is impractical and exhausting to physically traverse through crowded wholesale shops and come back carrying heavy bags! Plus, wholesale shops often don’t have the time to help you go through their entire range of products. For a hassle-free shopping experience where your needs for comfort and variety are met, it’s best to shop online for bulk office stationery. You can also capitalise on the many seasonal offers and discounts that most online stationery stores run!

  1. Verify the quality of the product:

Along the quest for price efficiency, many stationery buyers lose sight of what’s truly important: quality. You don’t want your team members walking into a meeting with tacky diaries and flimsy pages! Ensure that the quality of cover, paper, and binding is par excellence. And see to it that the design is professional, classy, and premium. Something our minimalistic products wholeheartedly offer!

  1. Inquire first, purchase later:

Remember, it is not about simply giving your team a diary. It’s about giving them appreciation, recognition, and gratitude! Instead of frantically placing an order at the first site you visit, sit back, inquire about the deals an online stationery store in India has to offer, and then make an informed choice.

  1. Order all your stationery together:

Once you have finalised your choice and the quantities you want to order, buy it all at once. Don’t purchase a test batch to check if the products are up to the mark, and then buy the rest. This will only pile up costs that could have been avoided via a bulk order. Besides, the checking has to be done at the inquiry stage!

  1. Check for hampers:

If a store, like us, has already done some R&D to devise the most effective and functional gift hampers to fulfil an office need, half of your work is done! You can simply order these hampers in bulk and save a lot of money and time picking, choosing, and ordering!

  1. Buy the essentials:

You won’t have to worry about this if you are already ordering the kind of hampers we have created. However, should you choose to select items yourself, make sure they are absolute office essentials? We’re thinking A4 diaries, planners, thought journals, and personalised pens!

This is your sign to reaffirm the value your coworkers hold in your organisation by gifting them classy office stationery! Head to our online store to discover all the fantastic offers and deals on bulk orders and gift sets!