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4 Personal Diary Customization Ideas You Have Never Tried Before

We often think that a personal diary can only be used for those teenage ‘dear diary’ moments. However, this myth couldn’t be further away from reality! The truth is, diaries have evolved in their functionality since the rom-com days; today, they are capable of becoming your cushions and anchors. A single blank notebook has so much potential to bring a world of possibilities to you! All you have to do is turn a page.

If you’re still not convinced why you need a personal diary in your life, we want to shed light on some of these possible uses and how they can completely transform your life! These customisation ideas will also help you make the most of your diary:

  1. Track your fitness journey:

You can keep a daily track of your exercise regime in the diary and jot down you're actual versus expected progress. For instance, you can list all exercises you wish to do for the whole week, and next to them, put down the actual reps you managed to do for each of them. You could also use the diary to plan and finalise your meal prep menus and list all the groceries you need accordingly for every week. Putting everything down in one place also helps with better budget control!

  1. Write down your emotions:

Processing and dealing with emotions can be complicated when you don’t have any external help to guide you through the same. Even professional experts recommend using a diary to write down your emotions! This activity helps you vent out all your frustration, hurt, and pain and allows you to feel lighter. Additionally, you also get a lot more clarity on your emotions and can identify many triggers that you might want to avoid in the future. You will be able to get to the root cause of your feelings when you start writing them, helping you feel calmer and happier. Doing this regularly will enhance your empathy, compassion, sense of self, and awareness. It is a great idea to use personalised diary and pen for this purpose.

  1. Punch in your dreams:

We have heard a lot about dream journals and how powerful they are in tapping into our unconscious. Little did you know that you can make your dream journal from a simple diary! Keep one on your bedside table, and as soon as you wake up, punch in whatever you dreamt of after putting that day’s date. You could also keep a small section on interpretation, where you can sit back and revisit your dream in the diary to analyse all the symbolism it could hold.

  1. Make monthly vision boards:

This is probably the most fun way to customise a personal diary. Before starting a month, take two pages and draw an elaborate vision board containing your short-term, monthly goals. This board could include finishing a book, starting a show, writing a poem or story, knitting socks, cutting out dairy, and more! Keep your goals easy to attain but still challenging enough to give you a good sweat.

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