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Are You Planning a Home Office? Here Are the Stationery Supplies You Need

With the onset of the pandemic and the era of work-from-home, many people have started setting up home offices to give themselves a professional setting to work in. This setting has a very important advantage of bringing discipline to an otherwise informal work environment and catalyses productivity for the workers. Now that a hybrid work model is gaining prominence across the world, it might be a good idea to set up your own home office that acts as your professional nook to get all things done.

While ‘setting up an office’ as a phrase seems quite loaded and tedious, it couldn’t be further away from the truth. All you require is a to-the-point list of stationery essentials that you can order from a good online stationery store in India to convert your regular desk and chair into a fully-functional home office. These stationery essentials are listed below:

  1. A master planner:

You can note down your entire year’s schedule, goals, and objectives on a month-to-month basis in a master planner. It’s a lot more effective to keep a separate planner singularly catering to your calendar so that you don’t miss out on any office events, important meetings, or professional goals. It serves as a comprehensive blueprint of the month, and by extension, the year. Get your very own customised master planner here to kick start this journey.

  1. A4 and A5 diaries:

We all know the importance of taking hand-written notes or jotting down everyday task lists to enhance productivity. A4 diaries come in very handy for taking notes, while A5 diaries are super-efficient for creating to-do lists and tracking your work day. You can buy premium and classy A4 and A5 diaries from our online store.

  1. Storage organisers:

Storage organisers such as pen-stands will keep all your stationery in one place without you having to scramble for it at the last minute. Set up your organiser with an adequate amount of blue pens, black pens, pencils, ruler, scissor, stapler, bookmarks, and any other thing you might need during your work day. You can shop for our premium range of pens, pencils, bookmarks, staple-free staplers, and storage organisers through our website.

  1. Desk pad:

A clean and sophisticated desk pad will instantly elevate the aesthetics of your home office and make it look clutter-free. It’s a must-have to keep your desk neat and tidy, while also adding a pleasant formal layer to your daily work routine. Shop for it here.

  1. Sticky notes:

Sticky notes are integral to any minute we spend working or studying. They are functional, efficient, and great for immediate reminders throughout the day. You’ll become a lot more productive if you keep a colour-coded panel of sticky notes like these, where each colour car indicates urgency or the nature of work requirements.

We’re so excited to see your home office up and running! Don’t forget to tag us on your home office pictures once you’ve set it up with our premium products!