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5 Tips To Keep Your Work Desk Absolutely Clutter-Free

A clutter-free desk is an ideal fantasy for almost all students and professionals engaged in any kind of desk work. Especially in the era of work-from-home, the need to declutter messy and disorganised desks became even more prominent; the comfort of home does not always align with the discipline of work. Long story short, clean and organised desks can play a pivotal role in enhancing productivity. When you don’t have to scramble for what’s kept, you automatically make more time for productive tasks. Want to get that promotion? Declutter your work desk!

And in this blog, we’ll take you through five simple tips that will help you achieve just that by transforming this seemingly humongous task into a fun activity:

  1. Keep your daily diaries separate from work files:

It is quite common to mix up work files and folders for the diaries where you usually jot down your notes or tasks for the day. This can lead to not only a messy desk but also mishandling of important information that you might end up losing. Hence, keep your diaries separate from all your work-related documents. If you want to actively start the practice of maintaining daily diaries to track your productivity, check out our online store for customisable diary options.

  1. Reduce paper usage:

Small bits and pieces of paper here and there are the biggest reason for messy desks. To reduce the amount of paper waste generated, avoid writing on loose pieces of paper and ensure that all the unimportant flyers or leaflets are immediately discarded. Maintain a proper notebook for all your writing purposes so that you don’t need to tear off pages from random books. You should keep a planner diary to be better organized.

  1. Keep all your stationery organised:

This is a no-brainer, isn’t it? You don’t want to be scrambling for a pen to note down an important number or a key detail in your zoom meeting! Make sure all your pens, pencils, sketch pens, and other stationery items are put together in a premium and classy stationery organiser that motivates you to maintain it. Our stationery organisers are specially designed to serve this exact purpose, which can be found here.

  1. Regularly clean your desk:

This means get your surface cleaner and mop every once in a while and clear out your entire desk to restore it to its former glory. Cleaning can actually be quite therapeutic if done well! A clean desk will motivate you to carry out its maintenance and will drastically reduce the risk of cluttering.

  1. Put into place a filing system:

Segregate all your important papers and files, your single ruled notebooks on the basis of a theme, and enforce an easy-to-maintain filing system so that you don’t lose track of any documents. This theme could be according to alphabet, date, department, job role, or anything else that suits your work better.

We hope that these practical tips will help you carry out your work-from-home duties with a lot more ease and productivity!