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6 Tips to Use Sticky Notes to Manage Your Tasks Efficiently

If lovers of functional stationery and champions of productivity had a venn diagram, sticky notes would surely be at the centre of the intersection. This analogy tells us two things: not only are sticky notes aesthetically pleasing, they are the easiest way to boost productivity and efficiency. Plus, all the vibrant colours make the use of sticky notes more fun and addictive!

If you are looking for a way to work smarter and improve your task management skills, you should definitely invest in smart stationery like the planner diary, and the XI translucent sticky notes. These fuss-free notes are smart, colourful, functional, and super stylish!

Want to get yourself a set but don’t know where to start your task management journey? Read on to know 6 tips that will help:

  1. Make a ‘Don’t Forget’ board on your work/study desk:

  2. Making this board is very simple. Just take a plain cardboard a little more than A4 size, and divide it into 4 sections using a marker. Title for each section as per your preference, and leave the bottom space being empty for your sticky notes. Now, every day, you can paste daily notes to remind you of key things under each of those sections. For instance, your sections can be- meetings, calls, to-dos, emails, phone numbers, urgent tasks, and so on. This one board will instantly organise your urgent tasks, give you necessary reminders, and help you go through tasks quickly.

  3. Keep them handy while reading a book:

  4. So that you can jot down any ideas or thoughts that you have and paste them in the book. Our translucent sticky notes are especially helpful in preserving readability of the pages while keeping all those precious creative thoughts safe and secure!

  5. Use them with your calendars:

  6. If you are someone who has a habit of daily flipping calendar pages, you can use the sticky notes to help you with daily reminders. This can even work with a master planner. Say you made a doctor’s appointment on the 15th, just add that note on that day’s page.

  7. lan better with them:

  8. Whenever you have to plan an event or a project, use our colourful sticky notes to colour-code your entire planning, so that there is clarity and organisation from the very beginning. This will also help to structure your thoughts to improve the planning process and allocate tasks better. Use a different colour for ideas and logistics under each department like heads, venue, content, target audience, funding, and so on.

  9. Chart out your assignments:

  10. Students will love this! Although, professionals can use the same trick along with using master planners to map out their presentation outlines and so on. Use different colours to list down the key pointers in your introduction, conclusion, and overall topic, while highlighting various points of argument in your essay body. As you build your essay up, you won’t forget the important points and get a clear idea of its structure and flow.

  11. Post your first-things-tomorrow near your bed:

  12. This is a foolproof way to never miss out on your urgent tasks and get more work done in the morning as soon as you wake up. If you keep a daily diary that you use first thing in the morning to get an idea of your day, use your sticky notes before sleeping and note down what all you have to get done in the morning. A colourful and functional solution to be more productive!

Sticky notes are a blessing if you know how to use them well. With these tips, we hope to help you improve your task management skills and efficiency!