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6 Career Benefits of Using a Planner Diary

What exactly are planner diaries? A master planner is a comprehensive diary that is built to help you plan your day better. A great perk that sets these diaries apart from other stationery products is that they come with special page designs and features that singularly cater to better daily planning. For instance, the XI master planner has a separate calendar for each month, and comes with ‘priority’, ‘meetings’, and ‘to-do list’ on each page so that you can plan your whole year to the t with us! Mark all important events on your monthly calendar and jot down the minute details of getting work done inside the daily pages. It’s that simple to start planning your days which goes a long way in thriving at the workplace.

You must be thinking, how can one diary benefit your career? However, this planner is not just any diary, but the holy grail of efficiency. Read below to know 6 benefits of using a  planner diary for your career:

  1. You will never miss a meeting:

  2. With all your daily meetings noted down in one place in your personalised planner diary, you will not miss out on any nor will you be late for them. Your punctuality and time management will surely give you an edge over others in your career!

  3. You will finish what’s needed according to when it is needed:

  4. With separate priority and to-do sections, you can segregate all your tasks according to their importance and urgency. Hence, you will almost always finish what’s urgently required, and complete other tasks when they are needed. This form of task management will surely impress your boss and co-workers.

  5. You will get more work done in the day:

  6. Checking things off a to-do is very pleasing psychologically. Hence, your brain will automatically motivate you to have more tick marks than cross marks on your planner. The result? You get a lot more work done in the day and your productivity is through the roof! Plus, having all tasks written in one place will make sure you don't forget the unfinished tasks and carry them over to the next day.

  7. You won’t have to scramble for holidays at the last minute:

  8. Fill up your monthly calendar in the planner with all important life events and dates. This way, you can apply for personal leaves well in-advance. You can also arrange your work around the dates to ensure no important work events overlap. Knowing when you’ll be off will help you work from beforehand on challenging tasks that might be falling around your leaves.

  9. You will enjoy better work-life balance:

  10. Building from the above benefit, you won’t miss out on any personal life event because of work, or have to compromise with work due to a life event. Additionally, having better planned days will make you feel a lot more productive and satisfied by the end of it. You will have meals, take your breaks, and finish tasks according to urgency, all on time. A healthy habit like this will protect you from burnout and help you thrive in your career.

  11. You will develop an action-focused mentality:

  12. When every external input at work turns into an actionable to-do, you automatically develop a solution-oriented mindset that is eager to work through a problem or a challenge. This attitude will be your biggest asset in your career!

There is a reason why people work so hard to improve their planning- it has a direct impact on productivity, efficiency, and task management. And the right stationery is all you need to embark on this new journey!