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Here’s Why You Should Prefer Mechanical Pencils Over Wooden Ones

It’s true that the classic wooden pencils are an integral part of our childhood; many of these brands instantly take us on a trip down the memory lane. However, as we outgrow our childhood, it only makes sense to hold on to the nostalgia of wooden pencils, not their actual functionality. Taking a trip down the lane of productivity is after all that we aspire to do as adults, right? And switching to mechanical pencils that you can find at an online stationery store in India is the right way to go about it!

Mechanical pencils come with a wide variety of styles and features, each tailor-made for a range of purposes. They are perfectly suitable for the necessary transition into adulthood since they’re naturally a massive upgrade to what you’d been using all throughout your childhood. The points below summarise why you should let go of the nostalgia associated with wooden pencils and invest in the modern efficiency of mechanical pencils:

  1. No need to sharpen them:

We all know how messy and time-consuming sharpening can get, especially when you are in the middle of using a pencil. With mechanical pencils, you don’t even have to get into the hassle of sharpening, throwing the waste, sharpening again, and whatnot. Just put in your lead, and you’re good to go!

  1. Consistent width of the line:

Wooden pencils produce inconsistent output in terms of line width due to the changing sharpness of the pencil. This hampers the aesthetics of the document and can also look unprofessional. Mechanical pencils have a big trump card here; they work on leads that ensure consistency in line widths.

  1. Consistent balance:

Wooden pencils keep getting shorter and shorter with long-term use. The resultant changes in the balance of the pencil make it inconvenient to use during the later stages of writing with it. However, this problem instantly disappears with mechanical pencils. Their size stays the same throughout, and you don’t have to put in extra effort to use them.

  1. Extremely durable:

All mechanical pencils are refillable. Once you have the lead with you, you can keep on using them till the end of time. Thus, one pencil can easily equate to an entire box of wooden pencils. That’s a great deal, wouldn’t you agree?

  1. Better performance:

As a combination of all the above-given factors, it’s evident that mechanical pencils give a much better performance on paper (quite literally) as compared to their wooden counterparts. Better balance, better line consistency, better durability, and better user-friendliness, guarantee better performance for the pencil and for you at work! Always invest in the best quality products including the best gel pens in India, to get better results.

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