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Here’s How To Practice Doodling To Boost Productivity

We don’t usually say art and professional work in the same breath because of the vastly diverging connotations attached to both. Art is reserved for escaping the real world, while professional work is the real world that needs escaping from every now and then. Hobbies and work don’t really go hand-in-hand in this conventional view of the world.

But, do they not?

Doodling, as a form of art, is very useful in helping you relax your mind and unwind after a busy day at work. However, it is often limited to being just that; you don’t expect more than comfort and relaxation from doodling, as opposed to the fatigue and mind-churning saturation from work. It’s not considered useful and effective for the workplace. That’s where the norm is wrong; doodling in your diaries and planners has so much potential to help you at work! Don’t believe us? Read on to know 3 ways in which you can practice doodling to boost productivity:

  1. Practise mindful doodling to improve creativity:

Mindful doodling is a meditative technique of intentionally drawing purposeful, beautiful, and artistic shapes and designs that help you relax and focus. This technique is a distinctive mode of self-expression and encourages brain activity due to the complex interactions between the eye, the brain, the central nervous system, and the hand. As a result, your brain gets trained to focus better, think differently, and express itself fully. Thus, your creativity flourishes and you automatically start performing better at work. Mindful doodling in your personalised daily planner is very easy to create. All you need are coloured pens and a sketchbook. Head to our website to get all the stationery you need to cultivate this hobby, especially our premium and functional sketchbook designed to encourage your drawing skills.

  1. Practise visually pleasing doodling to boost problem-solving:

Many studies have shown that doodling is a visual, written, kinesthetic, and emotional activity that can improve our aptitude for learning and innovation. As said above, it also helps in thinking differently, ultimately leading to better problem-solving. When you can come up with different visuals to doodle in your master planner diary, your brain gets trained to come up with different perspectives and/or solutions to problems. It’s a multimodal form of thinking that protects the brain from the rigidity and in-a-box thought process of formal work environments. The result? You perform better at work!

  1. Practise consistent doodling to improve concentration:

Doodling fires up the brain’s ‘executive resources’, which refers to cognitive processes that help us plan, concentrate, and multi-task. Doodling for a set duration every day protects your brain from daydreaming or distracting during work meetings and tasks. Thus, it helps you concentrate better and work, and by extension, give a promotion-worthy performance!

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