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Doodling 101: Quick Tips for Beginners

Right from book covers, journals, single ruled notebook, and canvas to shoes, shirts, jeans, and whatnot, every object can unlock a new level of beautification with doodling. The art form is also as therapeutic as it can get. However, as fascinating as it looks, many find it tricky to break into the art of doodling. And yet, doodling couldn’t be further away from being difficult!

Delving into the world of pretty aesthetics and quirky doodles is a lot easier than what it looks like with the right push to initiate your voyage. The below pointers are meant for just that! Read on to learn a few quick tips that will kickstart your tryst with doodling very smoothly:

  1. Warm up before you start: Just like in exercise, you need to warm up before you start your full-fledged doodles. Keep a timer of 10 minutes, take a blank paper, and just start doodling. Draw any shape, number, letter, or symbol that comes to mind without stopping for those 10 minutes.

  1. Vary the thickness of your lines: As you keep growing as a doodler, your pen collection would increase to include pens of different nib sizes. Use them to include a variety of thickness in your lines that better serve the aesthetics of doodling. When you are just starting out, try varying the thickness by applying different amounts of pressure and shade from your doodling pen.

  1. Find your corner: This could be your bed, your office desk, your dining table, or your window side. But do find the place where you most enjoy doodling. The vibes do matter! They influence your mind and mood, which eventually flows into the doodles.

  1. Get your stationery right: There is a reason why the reputation of art supplies precedes them! They are a great addition to not just your doodling corner but also your sense of creativity. Check them all off the list: black fineliner pens, coloured pens, coloured pencils, vibrant diaries like these whose covers also you can embellish, and anything else that catches your eye. What we have briefly mentioned are the basics though, and should be kept together. Also order diary online, something that might motivate you into action.

  1. Practice, practice, practice: Do we even need to elaborate on this one? Practice is the key to perfection. More than that, practice is also the key to finding joy and peace in doodling, especially amidst such chaotic times. Try experimenting with different variations of the alphabets, explore free-hand drawing without a ruler or stencil, try out different shapes and objects, or simply just draw a grid and fill it with symbols, your doodling book is your canvas!

Doodles are incomplete without oodles of fun. It’s time you discover yours. Especially with our vibrant colour splash diaries, you will have enough incentive and space to practice to become a pro at doodling.