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Dream 2021: Fitting Wanderlust Inside a Monthly Plan

2020 was hard. Let's just leave it there.

2021 seems to be the year for so many people out there working hard to nail every day and fulfill their dreams. All restrictions taken into consideration, it also is the year where we can afford to explore our dreams, passions, and adventures.

As you envelope yourself in this hope, let us drop a bomb: Have you planned to sustain this hope?

Here's our question to all the happy/sad/exhausted/existential people reading this- When was the last time you took a deep breath and felt every part of your body come alive?

For many, it could be years ago. For some lucky ones, it could be a few weeks ago.

But for most, it's a question of How, not When. For this exact same reason, let's start with a blank slate as we move forward to discuss the essence of this blog: HOW do you fit wanderlust into a monthly plan and budget? Simple, get a planner diary.

  1. Make a monthly plan

Ah, the quintessential organized-person-lecture! Trust us, we want to save on that too. But, only for the sake of having enough travel-work balance in life, it is important to first make a monthly plan. Our pro tip is to note down all the objectives you intend to achieve in the month, and keep adding to the relevant actionables as and when the month progresses.

It is important to have a rough blueprint of a building floor if you intend on escaping through it. Same goes for our dear corporate gregorian calendar! To start off with, you can get yourself a master planner to complement your efforts in wanderlust planning every month.

  1. Map your doable days

After your monthly plan is in place, check for long weekends or days that you can cover up for in a week. Of course, pick a set of days around the weekends in a way that one of them can be extended by 2-3 days.

You can only map this once you sit down before every month begins and plan all your goals and deliverables against a timeline.

Therefore, we repeat, Get. A. Planner.

  1. Secure your finances

You have the plan. You have the days. Now let's fill your pockets.

Every month, keep a small sum from your salary aside for backpacking and travelling. Treat it like a monthly expenditure and fix a regular amount of money to be alloted to this "need". In doing so, your finances for a short monthly vacation can never be a question of availability again, since they are no more savings but need-based spendings.

Did we miss anything? Mostly, we didn’t.

Are you missing out on new experiences every month due to the laid back approach to monthly planning?

Only your next steps after this can affirm or negate that. In case you choose option affirm, get your own wanderlust planner here.