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Color your prospects of success at work. Here's how!

Work is worship. Or so we're asked to believe and act on. Have you wondered what is it that will successfully set you apart from the rest of the worshippers imbibing all those cookie-cutter qualities that you have imbibed? How do you stand out in the sea of people living by the same book of be-this-way-to-become-successful? 

It's simple. You build your brand. And just like every brand has its package design and signature color, you get yours too. 

Since we're talking about your personal brand here, you must choose colours for your work stationery that uninhibitedly spell Y-O-U. Your identity at work is unwaveringly linked to your role, responsibilities, type of company and industry. What a black bag and white diary would do for a consulting professional might not work for an advertising wizard, who should pick up more vibrant forms of self-expression, given his/her field. 

Colourful Office Stationery

We're trying to build your professional brand. That is why, your identity in relation to your profession takes precedence over everything else. For instance, if your company's unique identity is playfulness, the best way to embrace that essence is through your work stationery. Multi-colored labels and pens, a quirky bag, and a splash of color on your work notes, send out a message that you take the company's culture seriously but are confident and adventurous enough to express your dedication and commitment through not just your mind, but also your means of work. Conversely, neutral colors in your work stationery with an accounting firm let you breathe the company's essence a lot better, all the while strengthening your professional identity through a range of stationery inputs.

The thumb rule of picking colors for your work stationery is maintaining aesthetics. A sombre diary with a neutral planner speaks volumes about seriousness, authenticity, and commitment. Against this, a vibrant notepad with a balancing journal is enough to belie creativity, curiosity, and a method to your madness. Every stationery color is your distinct voice. Every combination amplifies your voice, your identity, even further. 

Success at work is all about splashing the right color to your hard work and efforts. The paintbrush is now most definitely in your hands. Ready to create a masterpiece?