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Transformation within your Fingertips: A Story of Discovery and Practice

Once upon a time, there was a boy who yearned to escape from the harrowing challenges that came with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and a tendency to over-analyze situations. He had two options- either succumb to the pressure every day till a solution magically breaks out, or, take a book and pen and start writing in your diary notebook.

And by writing, we don’t mean literary art or diary entries; simply work on your handwriting. See how you write specific letters, notice how few of them change with your state of emotion. The boy chose to do this and discovered transformation like never before. He then lived happily ever after.

Why should you do this?

Because we kid you not, your handwriting has the power to transform your personality, and in doing so, change your entire life. It is a reflection of your mind’s reading, of your innermost feelings and thoughts. Changing your handwriting consciously sends a signal from your hand to your brain, to change the associated disposition that resulted in your handwriting being a certain way.

The end result? Within 21-28 days, you will find yourself positively inching closer to your ideal self. Every stroke of the Roman alphabet that you improve on is every personality trait that you unfailingly enhance. How do you go about this? There are two layers to achieving such a transformation: Discovery and Practice. Get your ruled notebook and start writing.

Discovery: The base layer is getting expert guidance from a graphologist or through graphotherapy to identify exactly what type of writing correlates with what type of personality trait and then work towards fixing it.

Practice: The second layer, which is completely in your control, is to work on the insights of the experts and keep practicing till you achieve the desired writing results. This not only takes a lot of patience and practice but also adopting the suggestions and making them a part of your every writing task.

One recommendation here would be to keep a separate single-ruled book only for working on your handwriting, so as to keep your efforts and intention streamlined. Every day, make it a point to write half a page of carefully improved handwritten notes and check for progress by keeping your expert’s inputs handy. Want to add even more value to this activity? Pick a topic for a week. Every day, read an article on that topic and make it a point to write the summary with your improved handwriting. Do this consistently and watch your mind and personality grow by leaps and bounds!

If you want to go out of your way and keep your practice book handy all the time to better recognize how your moods affect your handwriting, go for a smaller single-ruled book where you can record simple thoughts as and when you feel different emotions. At the end of the day, identify the nuances in your handwriting of different sentences as they changed on the basis of thoughts. Make a note of the nuances, and try to incorporate them the next time you want to work on shifting your state of mind to calmer emotions!

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