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Deciphering Who You Are from the Colours You Choose: A Crash Course!

“Colour Colour which colour do you choose?”

“I choose pink!”

“Ah, that is a nice desire for unconditional love you’ve got there. Pass on some of the romance here too!”

A bit weird, isn’t it? An innocent childhood game turned into a psychological analysis! However, it would not be a long shot to say that the colours we so fascinatingly admire speak a lot about who we are as people. Colour psychology is a whole field that exists to study precisely this.

Think about it, when we say someone revealed their true colours, aren’t we implying that we are associating some colours with certain behavioral characteristics that are either put up as a facade or uncovered as a reality. The bottom line being, our colour choices whether regarding the diary for office or, something else, are not random. Subconsciously enough, they give away key details about our personality. And in the next few minutes, we will explore exactly that!

Contrary to popular belief, liking black does not necessarily indicate a dark and depressing personality.

In fact, it expresses creativity, elegance, power, and independence. Having sleek black diaries like these would surely accentuate your mysterious yet powerful personality! As for white, beyond just purity or innocence, it also indicates an affinity towards being organized, logical, bright and clean.

Then there is red, symbolized by our raging diaries, full of aggression, adventure, drive, and activity. While speaking of red, how can we forget orange, the torchbearer of vibrancy, energy, warmth and enthusiasm- just like the vibe this master planner carries! It’s interesting how people who like blue are naturally full of loyalty, unity, peace, and integrity, while people who prefer green enjoy nature, fulfillment, and a good reputation.

Honestly, we could go on and on about every individual colour, but both of us know the spectrum is so vast even a thesis would not be enough. Although, let us leave you with this. Opting to portray brighter colours will surely leave a positive impression and subsequently encourage you to subtly adopt the personality traits associated with liking bright colours. That is why, our Color splash series works wonders in facilitating such a shift, with its wide array of vibrant colours supporting you at every step!

We are no psychologists to claim complete expertise over this list, having given that away anyway by being so non-exhaustive in our approach. This article is just meant to tickle the ways in which you see yourself, and give you a new set of tinted glasses to see yourself with! Based on research, we’ve compiled a few personality traits associated with some popular colours. For a detailed self-analysis, a psychologist would always help!