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Creating A Revolution from A Single Idea: The Write Way

(Yes, of course we had our fun with the pun there)

Your brain is your strongest weapon. No disagreements there. Every idea that crosses your mind automatically has the power to unleash immense potential. But, that will only happen after you take a small step forward, which is to write it down. Because, let’s be honest, without a good shot, even the best of the bullets are worthless.

In this article, we are listing down a few reasons why you should grab an idea book right away and put down all your ideas to transform them into revolutionary triggers:

  1. When you write your ideas down in a ruled notebook, your brain starts taking them more seriously. This means, more the energy devoted, and better the focus attained to work on an idea holistically.

  1. Writing your ideas down allows you to create more space in your mind to process other thoughts that could play a crucial role in bettering any given idea, as there is no fear of losing any idea or thought once you have penned it down. This will help you step away from the idea a bit, analyse it from a distance and put into perspective many things that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

  1. If an idea is the way out of a problem, you can pen down your thoughts in the diary notebook to clearly arrive at goals and obstacles. Such a clearer picture would then help you separate the emotions attached to the problem, letting you think better and resolve better.

  1. It’s just purely marvelous for critical analysis. We all know that in the absence of a thorough critique, even the brightest ideas have no growth or future. When the goal is to turn a spark into a raging fire, fuel is a must. Critical analysis is that fuel. And, writing your ideas in an idea book lets you stand back and analyse your idea from multiple angles, equipping you to start a full blown fire.

  1. You can move past every roadblock while fleshing out your idea if you write it down. This is because the creative mind becomes a lot more vigilant with a written idea in front of you, enabling it to build on the host of past experiences and relevant triggers to enhance the idea. The best part is, with the idea written down, you get enough time to exercise your brain fully to any creative extent that can get you the desired quality of output.

We are ready to churn our creative juices everyday to unlock the next level of our next big idea. Are you? If the answer is yes, get your idea book and start the revolution right away!