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Why Journaling is as Important as it Sounds?

On our beautiful Earth reside millions and billions of people. Blame it on population explosion or look at it in a way that if any two people were meant to be the same, why wasn’t there just one of them. Why two?


No two people can ever be the same. Each one of us has a functioning brain that is productive and creative in its own way. This brain can either be controlled by the body and its whims or you can have it control your body and your thoughts. When you let the body control the brain, you’ll never get out of your comfort zone but when the brain controls the body, the impossible becomes possible.

When we’re younger, we fail to recognize ourselves – this is a rampant issue throughout the world. Most of us try to be like someone else. As and when we grow older, we understand the difference between internal and external realities and repent the behaviour of our younger selves. This happens when we learn to understand who we are, what we need and why we need to let our souls shine the way it was meant to.

To get in touch with ourselves, most people are either advised to turn to journaling or they do it on their own. Why do you think this is?

It’s because through writing in a ruled notebook, you release what is in your mind. The unexplored parts of your soul and character get their space to express what is actually going on inside of you. When you read how you feel from the inside, it may not affect you in a jiffy but overtime you’ll understand, respect and start to love your own self in ways you never did before.

Journaling is one activity that is the most pious process of getting in touch with yourself. Now, this may seem like a long commitment that we’re asking you to make but no. Sift through our Thought Journal. There’s a small space given for your everyday. It’s small. 3 things that are in your mind, just write them down. Don’t do 4, do 3! But write them down and read it aloud to yourself. This is what is going on inside of you. It’s time you sat down with yourself and understood you for who you actually are.

Believe us, it helps! Try it for yourself and tell us how you feel.