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Up the Rabbit Hole: 5 Tips to Reduce Anxiety

You are not alone. Your struggles are not isolated. Your emotions are not invalid.

More than 250 million people worldwide are diagnosed with anxiety disorder, making it the world’s most prevalent mental health issue. This means, in this rabbit hole, you are not alone! First, take a moment for yourself and seek comfort in this crucial piece of data-driven information. The whole world is reeling with increasing rates of anxiety among all age-groups, and in this struggle, you are not alone.

Now that the first wave of solace has washed over you, let’s welcome the next one through this article.

Anxiety has this way of holding us back from our glimmering potential, pulling both legs down an unending rabbit hole, till we have no choice but to succumb to the hopelessness of this path with no opening in sight. Thankfully, modern medicine has done wonders to help us break free and climb back on top. On this upward trajectory, it is important to not only remain steadfast in our progress but also keep the slithering claws of anxiety away from us for good.

How do you ensure both these things are on track? By setting your calendar according to the following:

  1. A 60-minute walk or a 30-minute exercise routine: Choose your fighter!

Exercise has proven to reduce cortisol- the stress hormone, and release endorphins- the hormone that makes you happy and is a natural painkiller. Need we say more? Opt for either a brisk-walk or an intense exercise routine 3 to 5 times a week to keep your anxiety in check.

  1. 15-minutes of journaling every day!

Journaling. Is. Not. Just. An. Aesthetic.

You can not only write down your thoughts and declutter your mind but also pen down daily gratitude that can rewire your brain to feel happier and healthier. Pick your very own thought journal that can help you start the upward climb and transform your life!

  1. Light it up! (With candles or essential oil sticks)

Lighting a candle or igniting an essential oil stick releases calming scents that soothe stress and anxiety levels. Aromatherapy- as it is rightly called, uses the power of scent to reduce anxiety. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself! It’s a minor investment anyway.

  1. Caffeine? More like caffei-NEIN!

(For the monolinguals out there- nein is no in German)

High doses of caffeine can induce anxiety. So, beyond a certain threshold if you experience jitters or mild anxiety, you ought to cut back.

Looks like no more extra cups of tea and coffee at work!  No matter how full your planner diary is.

  1. Laughter is always the best medicine!

Apart from the obvious fun of laughing, it is a great way to relieve stress by relaxing your muscles and can help in improving your mood and immune system. So….

Bad day at work? Laugh it off

Zoom meeting at 7:30 pm? Laugh it off

No food in the fridge? Laugh it off (with mild tears in the eyes of course)

Let’s keep no jokes aside for this one.

Things are starting to look a lot like open surface and pervasive sunshine here as opposed to the darkness of the rabbit hole, don’t you think?