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Be a Corporate Superhero: 4 Tips to Put all the I’s in Efficiency

What HR says: In this company, we want to create a supportive environment that helps you nurture, grow, and prosper as an individual.

What we hear: I will have to live up to the expectations of nurturing, growing, and prospering.

What HR says: Our employees are our biggest asset and our richest resource. Your well-being is of paramount importance.

What we hear: I must prove myself as an important asset and a rich resource to be valued.

Looks like a mirror image of the many first days at work, doesn’t it? Do you see a pattern? The burden of efficiency is something we take on ourselves, even if the external environment has played no role in nudging us to do so. The onus of efficiency we so gladly place on our heads is nothing but a product of internalized conditioning to equate our worth with our productivity. There’s no escaping that, because in the end, efficiency is the first and the only step to stand out.

However, how do we escape the detrimental after-effects of carrying the baggage of aspirational efficiency? How do we stick to the rules of the corporate productivity game and still bend them enough to emerge as a victorious superhero? Here are 4 quick tips to do this:

    1. Take small breaks:

      We know corporate life is fast-paced and the competition is cut-throat, but really, what use is your pace if you cannot produce an output that actually amounts to something? Make it a habit to take 15-minute breaks every 2-3 hours where you can recharge yourself and come back with a fresher mind to focus with. Follow this especially when you feel stuck or are going through a mental roadblock!

    1. Set achievable goals:

      The first month of work and you already want to surpass your targets? Seems too far-fetched for even a prodigy, don’t you think? Put down achievable goals and smaller tasks to complete on a daily or weekly basis so that they are easier to finish and reinforce your ability to get work done. Notice your efficiency shoot up when you see yourself finishing tasks and meeting all goals at an astounding pace. A habit we swear by is having your own master planner by your desk to quickly make and mark all your to-dos. The joy of ticking one task after another will be unparalleled, we promise!

    1. Turn off social media:

      Or as we like to call it, distraction. Do you need that when you’re working hard to leave your mark in a dynamic work environment? To refresh yourself, you can listen to music, take a walk, or even read a few pages of your favorite book, or write something in your ruled notebook. But yes, during working hours, do not succumb to the addictive scrolling of social media!

    1. Learn the art of saying ‘NO’:

      When you already have a lot on your plate, putting more food will not add to your eating experience, it will only increase your burden of carrying the plate. When you are burdened, you are not efficient! That is why learn to say no to tasks that are beyond your scope, ability, or bandwidth and stick to your planner diary.

    Ready. Set your Superhero Cape. Go and Conquer your Work!