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Why Do We Promote Minimal Stationery?

Stationery, be it notebooks, thought journals or planners, is something that adds to one’s life. The product you choose to use everyday should be one that you can call yours.

A clean canvas allows us to think out of the box. We can label and color code things in our own way and are not restricted by the thought processes of the designer designing the stationery or the brand selling it. A clean piece of an everyday notebook allows you to do just that – be yourself completely.

At XI, we have worked with quite a few products including customised corporate diaries and are always working on new ones and one thing that we have realized is that clean stationery is something that we all need but don’t know it yet. Our range includes.

  • Thought Journal

    Thought Journal

    Your thoughts are more important than you give them credit for. When you journal your thoughts or your ideas, the one thing that you don’t want is constant interruption. Usually, this interruption comes in through the design features, color of the pages whereas a clean page allows you the freedom to be who you are.

  • Single Ruled Diaries – 


    Single Ruled Diaries


    These are mostly used for work but who says that work can’t be fun. Choose something that speaks to you, a color that represents you and once you’re done with that notebook, choose another color based on your mood and your place in life. There are NO limitations.


  • Unruled Diaries – 


    Unruled Diaries


    Ideally designed for those that are juggling different things in life, our unruled diaries are available in 4 different colors. We use each of them for accounts, marketing, production and sales. So, when we are sitting down to discuss our next influencer collab or a social media campaign, we’re thinking only about that and aren’t interrupted by the other 3 departments at all. We are working towards being 100% in the moment every single time.


  • Planners – 




    A staple for anyone who is working or trying to start something. The least one can do for productivity and time management is maintain a planner diary. It allows you to understand your schedule and your availability when you need to make time for something. At the end of the day or week or month, when you glance through it, you gain insights on your own wins and that is when you know what you need to act upon next, what you missed and need to revisit and everything else.


  • Bookmarks – 




    We ourselves are avid readers and know many. Over the years, we have bought and lost tons and tons of bookmarks but have never fallen in love with many. When you’re on a non-fiction book, you buy a bookmark whilst buying that book because you are in that mental space. When you’re done with that book and pick up something from your bookshelf for a light read, the bookmark just seems out of place. It’s not for that book. With our bookmarks, once you have it, you know that it’s just the right fit for every book. You’ll keep wanting more but believe us, you’ll not need it. It’s THAT good.


  • Idea Book – 


    Idea Book


    Wherever we are in our lives, we always want to go a notch higher. Just a little more. At Stage 1, we have tons and tons of ideas for when we get to Stage 3 but once we reach there, we start from scratch – only because we never stored our ideas for safekeeping. With the Idea Book, you can store your brilliant million dollar ideas (even if they don’t seem that big right now) for our future. We ensure that we are looking forward to Stages 3,4,5 and whatever is next and once we’re closeby, all we need to do is sift some pages because all the bright things we’re meant to do, our brain has the answers set. All we need to do is, store these answers for our little older and wiser selves.

So, what is your plan? Do you want to start journaling, you want to upgrade your bookmark game, start planning, start storing your ideas for a brighter tomorrow? XI has all the answers, All you need to do is LOOK!