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Is It Okay To Be Happy At The End Of An Unfulfilled Day?

Thanks to the stressful lives we live today, it can get super hard to motivate ourselves to be better. Working jobs that require us to achieve so much in so little time, happiness can stray further away, making it harder to feel fulfilled.

There are good days and bad days and sometimes, it can be a little too difficult to be thankful for the harder days. It’s during those times that we ask ourselves - is it okay to be happy at the end of an unfulfilled day?

How can you find happiness on bad days?

Sometimes, it’s all about looking inwards rather than out. A lot of us seek fulfilment from other people and tend to think that their lives are better than ours. Looking outwards as a form to find fulfilment is not a good game to play and it’s easy to fall into that trap. It means that -

  • Your fulfilment is reliant purely on others’ moods and that can affect your day as well. You need to start finding happiness in your own self and not depend on others to do it for you. Getting premium diary notebooks online might be the first step!

  • You shouldn’t put too much pressure on another person, whether it’s your partner, friend or colleague to affect your mood and happiness. Putting that much pressure also isn’t fair on them and is a responsibility that you need to take upon yourself. 

One of the main reasons we feel unfulfilled is because of social media since everything on Instagram seems perfect. That’s not true because they only show you the good parts and live their hard times just the way you and everyone else does. It’s all about understanding that your happiness is based purely on your experiences and the destination of fulfilment.

Look into your own self and your soul, being and brain to seek fulfilment. Personal development is one way you can do this. Once you develop your own self and perform up to your standards, life becomes much simpler and happier. Buy personal diary online and start documenting your achievements and failures to overcome the latter each day!

Breaking down challenges -

The biggest reason you could feel demotivated is because you might have hit a plateau. No matter how good or bad your day is, you return back home feeling unfulfilled. If you’re a go-getter, it’s a good thing you feel this way because then you’re challenge-driven. 

Change your definition of success to contributing more to your passion or expertise and you’ll begin to feel the difference. Train your mind to find happiness in the little things and soon, you’ll notice yourself feeling happier with each passing day. Besides, if you order diary online and start jotting down your mind, your strengths and weaknesses, scribbling down your thoughts each day, it might be a big drive towards fulfilment.   

Even at the end of an unfulfilled day, learn to smile and be thankful. Not because you’re glad you didn’t achieve something but because you tried and tomorrow, you’ll just try that much harder. It’s all about the mindset.