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How Important is Journaling?

Writing down your thoughts. Sometimes, it can be so emotionally taxing that you just don’t find the strength to do it, and sometimes, it’s what gives you the strength to keep going. Either way, journaling is one activity you must continue to hold on to because it can help you understand yourself better and see your life, from your eyes.

A lot of us must have stopped writing down our thoughts or using a diary notebook since we reached adulthood. But it’s important to know that a lot of these benefits still apply if you keep the habit going. It’s a great way to understand your own feelings and thoughts clearly. If you struggle with work or personal stress, anxiety or depression, then opting for a planner diary can be a cathartic way of getting your frustration out and controlling your emotions better.

Diary writing : the benefits -

One of the best ways you can overcome any negative emotion is to find a healthier way to express yourself. Diary writing becomes a useful tool in managing your mental health as it can help you -

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Manage anxiety 
  • Cope with depression

You can also control a lot of your symptoms and improve your mood by having a single ruled notebook to write in by -

  • Prioritizing problems, concerns and fears

  • Tracking symptoms on a daily basis and learning to recognize the triggers and controlling them

  • Providing yourself an opportunity to talk positively about yourself and differentiating the negative behaviours and thoughts

Whenever you’re stressed or having a problem, personal diary writing can help you identify what stresses you out the most. You can work on this plan and actively reduce any stress or resolve the problems you face. 

Of course, it’s important to understand that journaling isn’t the only thing that helps you achieve a better lifestyle. You also need to -

  • Eat healthy

  • Relax and meditate regularly

  • Exercise on the regular, with some activity on an everyday basis

  • Make sure you get enough sleep every night

Everything that you do in a day boils down to your mental health. Your habits have the power to better your mental health. 

Best way to keep a journal -

Here are a few tips to begin journaling successfully -

  • Make sure you write consistently. Ideally, around 10-15 minutes everyday is a good place to begin as it’ll help you write regularly.

  • Keep it simple. 

  • What you feel, must be written. There is no structure when it comes to writing for journals, so let the words flow and don’t worry about grammar. It’s the core of the content that matters.

Thus, you can create better order whenever you feel like your world is in chaos. Getting to understand yourself and your private thoughts, fears and feelings can actually benefit you and help you relax. Use the time to write down whatever you feel and keep revisiting it from time to time so you understand the kind of progress you’ve made. With time, everything becomes simpler and sensible.