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BrainSTORMED: Understanding the Chaos Before the Calm

In the beginning, there was only chaos. And then, like a ray of light piercing through the chaotic nothingness, a stray idea emerged (in the mind of God?) to light up the whole world.

This is what we’ve been taught in almost every known religion.

Take this a step further into pragmatism and think about it: Chaos. Blank space. Idea. Light. Doesn’t that eerily remind you of those late nights and early afternoons that forced creativity out of the most innocuous office powwows? What if we tell you that corporate culture is, in fact, just a repeat of genesis if polished emails and scribbled whiteboards existed back then?

Mankind has thrived on innovation. One idea leads to another and voila! The biggest and most evolving cradle of discoveries never ceases to exist. However, we aren’t here to give a history lesson. We are here to tell you, an employer, can turn into a corporate Messiah.

Do you know what is the trademark of every person hailed as the Messiah of his/her age? They let revolution foster and grow into constructive agents of change. In fact, they were at the forefront of such transformation. And, that is exactly what we’re asking you to do!

Let. The. Chaos. Rein. Free.

Because when you let go of the reigns, the power still lies within you to pull them back up when needed and nudge the carriage in just the right direction. How do you achieve that? Simple, you put a method to the madness of brainstorms. You let your employees explore every extent of the creative world beyond the box, but with a rope tied to one leg that brings them back to the box.

Storm the brainstorms with the need to experience chaos to its fullest, but let them give it a structure that can later help you turn the chaos into calm. The best way to turn chaos into the most effective agent of efficiency, productivity, and innovation, is to encourage employees to record all their thoughts and ideas in a separate single ruled notebook meant only for path-breaking discussions. We suggest using Idea Books to help all employees note down their ideas in the way you want to guide them. When the command is coming from a single source of influence and authority, you will be able to not only streamline the chaos of creativity but also encourage every employee to be a part of innovation and growth in the company, boosting employee morale and well-being, gift them a diary for office where they can jot down thoughts.

The trickle down effect of encouraging systematic innovation management will have multi-lateral benefits in achieving both- the company’s goals of growth and human resource development and the brand’s thirst for disruption.

You give the freedom, they get to enjoy it, and the brand stands to benefit from it. A triple win like never before!